AEDs on College & University Campuses

AEDs Universities

As an industry leader for Public Defibrillators or Automated External Defibrillators our company has built relationships with numerous Colleges and Universities to help them to protect lives.  Our professional experience in this sector has been most interesting as we’ve seen a wide range of approaches and philosophies to campus AED programs.  We’ve worked with some that have hundreds of life-protecting defibrillators and coverage across practically all departments.  We’ve worked with others who are light years behind and lack proactive thinking and a culture for safety.

There are several different departments who might lead the charge for public defibrillation programs to include:  environmental health & safety, athletics, risk management, nursing, campus police, emergency management, fire departments and more.  Part of the problem is that internal communication between departments is not always functional and often times an assumption is made that another department must be responsible for such programs.  AED One-Stop Shop utilizes a consultative approach and we’ve often worked with numerous departments to execute an AED deployment.  One best practice is to incorporate a team or task force to research the AED types, brands, and models and report back on their findings.

Placement of AEDs on a campus should include classroom facilities, auditoriums, dorms, fraternity and sorority houses, athletic facilities and of course stadiums.  AEDs should be placed strategically to yield 3-minute response times from anywhere one could drop to cardiac arrest.  The Automated External Defibrillators should typically be placed in alarmed cabinets with clear signage.

AED One-Stop Shop stands out in a surprisingly crowded marketplace as we are true public defibrillation specialists.  We carry the leading brands and altogether almost 30 different model types including semi-automatic versions with shock button and automatic devices which can deliver therapy without even having to push a button.  Email for more information or call 855-677-2337 to speak with a consultant.  We applaud secondary education institutions who’ve invested in AED devices, CPR training and AED Program Management and are willing to professionally assess any program for readiness.