AEDs for Swimming Pool Safety

Philips HeartStart AED for home or public use

Look around any public place and it’s our sincere hope you notice and find AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators.)  These public-type defibrillators are used for both CPR-trained responders and even lay-rescuers without training.

As the weather heats up this summer the public pools, private pools, country clubs and waterparks certainly fill up.  Such locations are very typical locations for tragic sudden cardiac arrest deaths to occur.  AEDs should be available to life-guard teams and to the general public in aquatic centers and alike.  You might have heard the alarming stats that about a thousand people die each day to cardiac arrest death and recreational facilities who overlook the investment in safety and buying AEDs are putting themselves and their visitors at risk.

A few important facts about public defibrillators are as follow:

  • AEDs are more affordable than you might think with an average selling price of less than $1500 each
  • AEDs require little maintenance since they perform self-diagnostic tests
  • Beyond the initial invest they cost very little, just the cost to replace batteries and electrode pads
  • AEDs are safe in that they utilize complex algorithms which study the heart’s ECG and only deliver a shock in needed
  • Public defibrillators are very easy-to-use in they have voice and visual prompts to guide the rescuer through the steps of saving a life

AED One-Stop Shop is a consultative-oriented National AED Retailer.  For swimming pool type setting, it is our professional recommendation that the AED device be one that has above average visual prompts.  By this we mean, diagrams, lights, text screens or video screens to complement the voice prompts as pools are often very noisy environments.  If one can’t hear they prompts they can still follow visual guidance.  Furthermore consider a device that is particularly rugged that is drop and vibration tested as well as resilient to water and dust.

When AEDs are purchased they are done so with protecting lives in mind.  Call us at 855-677-AEDS or email us at for more on this topic.  Also know the consultation is free and our pricing is very competitive and reasonable, learn more at