AEDs and Medical Direction

PlusTrac Medical Direction

We commonly get questions about the laws regarding AEDs and what needs to be done to ensure the deployment of life-saving AEDs meet all requirements.  Though topics like Medical Direction, AED Program Management, and EMS Registration aren’t the easiest to understand, the solutions that AED One-Stop Shop offer are comprehensive and they make compliance quite simple.

All States have slightly different guidelines when it comes to Automated External Defibrillators and their Good Samaritan Laws have varying verbiage.  But in general these are the categories that are typically required:

  • Medical Direction or Medical Oversight from a licensed Physician
  • Registration of AEDs with the appropriate EMS agency or agencies
  • Documented AED protocol or policy
  • Integration of CPR/AED training and certification
  • Ongoing maintenance and audits of AED devices which is documented
  • Notification of use when an AED is utilized in a save attempt

As the name AED One-Stop Shop suggests we offer all facets of an AED program including:  AED devices, batteries, pads, accessories, CPR training, and yes a Program Management Solution which checks all of the required or recommended boxes above.

The important thing to grasp about Program Management and laws surrounding AEDs is that AEDs are life-saving devices.  AEDs are considered Class III medical devices and this product category is closely regulated by the FDA.  An AED program should be “well designed” and the requirements that are outlined above are intended to ensure that organizations implement programs which are adequately safe for the public.

AED One-Stop Shop offers such solutions as En-Pro PlusTrac, StatPADS Medical Direction, and Arch by Annuvia.  These companies are primarily or solely focused on keeping customer compliant with the laws.  They are considered the experts in the industry and their solutions are not just intended to mitigate risk, their software and processes make managing many AEDs simpler.  The enterprise software is user-friendly, it send email reminders, it tracks devices and accessories and results from equipment audits.  Those that use spreadsheets still or even less will be amazed to see what they’re missing.

To learn about AED One-Stop Shop “AED Program Management” contact one of our specialist right now.  Email us for a digital brochure and a detailed quote or call 855-677-2337 with any questions.