AED Defibrillators in Retail Stores

aeds om restaurants

The adoption of AED (Automated External Defibrillators) in many markets has really progressed over the last decade or so.  The surge in placing the affordable, safe & easy-to-use public defibrillators is perhaps driven by raising awareness about cardiac arrest death (different from heart attack) and a significant drop in price of AEDs (about $1500.)  The majority of schools, swimming pools, university gyms, & airports have AEDs & CPR training and all Federal buildings are mandated to have AEDs.

Surprisingly slow to adopt AEDs have been the big-box retailers, hotels, and restaurants.  When you estimate how many customers eat a given restaurant each day or shop at a store from opening to closing it is puzzling why life-safety isn’t more strongly considered.  In wonderful news Lowe’s (North Carolina-based) the major retail home improvement store has placed AEDs in each of their stores.  This should be well-received by employees, customers, and partners of Lowe’s because chances of surviving an SCA death is remarkably better.

Misperceptions about liability and product safety may have played a role in hesitation that Corporations have had about AEDs.  AED One-Stop Shop the National Multi-Brand AED Provider stands apart in the industry in that we educate and consult with our clients to create AED programs.  Emphasizing a few key benefits to our customers:

  1. Latest AED Technology
  2. Extensive accessories to include AED cabinets and safety signage
  3. Turn-key program management for compliance and mitigation of risk
  4. Readiness software to ensure AEDs are always maintained and never neglected
  5. Onsite CPR/AED training & certification in all 50 States

At AED One-Stop Shop we consider that a well-designed AED program absolutely creates a heart-safe -environment for all.  Whether your business, corporation or non-profit is large or small we’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you.  Contact a consultant or 855-677-2337 or some customers like to begin with our 5 – 10 minute AED Buyer’s Guide.