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9146-302 AED battery

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) can save a life, but only if it’s operational when needed.  We get many questions about AED batteries?  Why do they get depleted?  Are they rechargeable?  How many life-saving shocks can they deliver?  Will the AED still work when the battery is low?  Should refurbished batteries be considered?  What about off-brand battery types?  These are all great customers that AED One-Stop Shop has gotten from our customers.

For the most part the batteries that fuel public defibrillators are medical grade lithium non-rechargeable batteries.  The batteries are so robust that they can fuel both life-saving shocks and self-testing protocols.  AEDs wake up periodically (daily or weekly) and initiate a self-test (without any human intervention) to ensure the defibrillator is ready to save a life.  Each test uses a little bit of the battery strength and this is the reason an AED that’s not used still needs battery replacements periodically.  When the battery is nearing depletion the AED alerts with a visual indicator, audible chirp or both.  From this point in time the battery can still deliver several shocks and save a life.

AED batteries can be somewhat expensive but it’s not a wise idea to attempt to cut cost with re-celled batteries or off-brand types.  When non-OEM batteries or re-celled / refurbished types are inserted in the AED, all warranties are typically voided!  Not to mention that the AED may not function properly in an emergency situation.

AED One-Stop Shop offers fair discounts on batteries and we only sell brand new supplies complete with warranty.  We offer batteries from Defibtech, Philips, HeartSine, LIFEPAK, Cardiac Science and ZOLL all of which come directly from the manufacturer with our unique drop-ship model.  We also offer these items for convenient buying on our sister site  Click here to see all of our batteries online.  Email us at