4 Reasons to Trust the VIEW AED to Protect Lives

LifeLine AED

Imagine a friend, colleague or loved one down on the ground, not breathing or responsive… yes this would be a nightmare for even the most composed under pressure.  You command someone to call 911, and for someone to get the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and you begin to do CPR compressions.  Your colleague brings you the AED and you hope and pray that the it powers on and is easy-to-use.

When we know that ease-of-use is of great importance AED One-Stop Shop often recommends the simple and intuitive Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED.  Here are some reasons to trust the VIEW AED:

  1. All AEDs speak to you and tell you what to do but the VIEW has the industries first color video screen which shows you what to do. This colorful screen shows you that you’ll need to bare the chest, locate the electrode pads from the back of the AED, when to push the shock button and even how to do CPR.
  2. A cardiac arrest emergency is not only daunting but it can be very loud as people tend to crowd, assist, talk loudly and even scream. If your AED has only voice prompts without visual prompts as to what to do this can certainly make the rescue more challenging.
  3. Many workplaces, public places and industrial settings are very loud environments naturally. The VIEW’s video screen is ideal for such noisy areas, it’s no wonder you’ll currently see the Defibtech VIEW AEDs at Chicago O’Hare airport.
  4. Beyond the attractive look and colorful screen you’ll be reassured to know the VIEW AED utilizes great technology to save a life from cardiac arrest death. Defibtech utilizes Philips Healthcare’s SMART biphasic technology which has been proven to deliver therapeutic defibrillation energy while minimizing damage to the heart.

AED One-Stop Shop and purchaseAEDs.com are proud Defibtech authorized distributors and we’d be delighted to email you a proposal for the VIEW AEDs.  We’ve found the VIEW AEDs are a great device to upgrade to from older devices which lack the latest life-saving technology.  That said, we’ve helped countless companies deploy the VIEW AEDs as their first AEDs too.