AED PlusTrac Program management

AED PlusTrac

AED Program Management, what is it?  One of the most common questions we get from those investing in AEDs is about Program Management and in particular Medical Direction and Oversight.  This can be a quite confusing topic as all organizations wish to be compliance with laws and regulations within their State.  These laws are intended to ensure organizations buy Automated External Defibrillators do so with a well-designed program.

AED One-Stop Shop is an expert on regulatory compliance for all 50 States and we offer several different Program Management offerings.  Our popular En-Pro PlusTrac solution helps our customers manage their AED program efficiently and in doing so they are able to mitigate legal risk and improve overall readiness.

PlusTrac is an interactive, web-based AED management system that ensures the ongoing compliance of your AED Program. It can be accessed via an Internet connection and a web browser.

Currently all 50 states require the routine maintenance of AED devices according to manufacturer warranties in order for their indemnification provision to be extended to acquirers. Understanding the impact of this requirement, PlusTrac provides the only true interactive routine maintenance manager in the marketplace today.

PlusTrac features an Interactive Reporting Console, which allows you to view the overall status of your AED Program with a single click. With one simple click, you can view the readiness of your entire AED Program. PlusTrac allows you to easily:  make changes such as removing or adding new AEDs, record maintenance checks, run compliance reports and even track consumables like batteries and pads.

AED One-Stop Shop’s En-Pro program management ensures AEDs have been registered with the State (if required,) EMS has been notified, and there’s even post-event support when an AED is used to save a life.  Contact or (855) 677-AEDS for more about how to be compliant with AED laws or visit our site AED One-Stop Shop for more details on this topic.


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