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AEDs & Children

Your first thought of who’s at risk to drop to cardiac arrest is most likely someone who’s older, or unfit, or has risk factors for cardiovascular disease.  However when we look at the statistics for sudden cardiac arrest death we find that profile doesn’t necessarily fit.  When we learn that the lifelong runner drops on her daily jog we are stunned.  When we hear that the young and in shape new employee died on the job to a cardiac arrest we are floored.  And furthermore when a school age kid dies unexpectedly during a sporting event or P.E. we simply can’t comprehend.

In short, sudden cardiac arrest is unpredictable and it takes the lives of young Americans every day, in fact nearly 600 school age children fatalities each month in the U.S. alone.

To take action AEDs are necessary so too is CPR training and certification.  These life-saving devices help protect lives and help make the ordinary person capable of reviving a victim of SCA with a defibrillation shock and the delivery of good CPR.

AEDs have the capability of bringing back to life either a child victim or an adult victim but only when equipped with the right accessories.  AED One-Stop Shop consults with our customers and when we learn that AEDs are to be placed in somewhat public places like schools, churches, recreation centers, child care facilities, arenas, convention centers and alike we typically recommend pediatric capability for the AEDs.  The American Heart Association recommends pediatric pads for children aged 8 or less or weighing less than 55 pounds.  Pediatric electrodes or a pediatric key for some devices enables the public defibrillator’s pediatric treatment mode which many times adjusts the energy used for the shock.  Sensibly, child pads are often smaller sized for a smaller sized chest too.

We encourage our school district, charter school, private school customers and those listed above to make the small extra investment in pediatric AED pads.  Call a specialist at 855-677-2337 for advice on the best configuration for your AEDs or shop for pediatric pads here on our partner site