Intro Video

Thanks for watching this short video about AEDs or public defibrillators. In short, it’s the mission and aim of AED One-Stop Shop to not only provide these life-saving devices to communities and workplaces all over America but also to raise general awareness about them. Too many myths and misunderstanding exist about Automated External Defibrillators and it’s important that we do our best as a company (and in fact the entire industry) to make sure the public is not intimidated about the use of an AED and delivery of CPR when a cardiac arrest is witnessed. For these reasons we are thankful you’re exploring the AED One-Stop Shop website and in particular this video. Have you seen our blog? Click on our blog and check out these short, informative articles and share any ones you like on your social media with the facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ buttons below the articles.

Who is Laurence Saban

So, are you wondering “Who is this Laurence guy” and why AEDs? What back ground or qualifications does he have to speak to such an important life-saving device and the industry? Is he someone you should trust? Well if you’ve asked yourself any of these questions then this is the video for you. We, the staff, personally like him but you can decide that for yourselves.