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AED’s (automated external defibrillator’s) save lives and here at AED One-Stop Shop we help organizations protect their employees, visitors, students and more. We help you assess the various options to determine the right AED brand and we choose between over 20 AED models to fit your needs. Our team will guide you by answering your questions regarding training and ongoing maintenance for your public defibrillator program.

Established in 2013, AED One-Stop Shop utilizes extensive industry knowledge to intelligently assess your specific needs based on industry best practices. Every customer is absolutely unique. Some customers are concerned with product technology and ease of use. Others value training and support. While others focus upon mitigating risk and being compliant with legal mandates. AED One-Stop Shop pairs you with the right AED products and complementing services. We carry all the top brands like LIFEPAK, HeartSine, Philips, Defibtech, Cardiac Science and ZOLL AEDs, you simply can’t go wrong.

In order to be compliant with laws and to ultimately raise the likelihood of a cardiac arrest survival we advise that customers not only invest in the life-saving equipment but in the entire AED program. AED One-Stop Shop offers a World-Class comprehensive solution to allow customers turn-key software, the protection of Medical Direction and Oversight and tools to help them remain compliant with the ever changing medical industry standards. Too often these valuable details are overlooked only to the detriment of true workplace safety.

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